CD Requisition for Schedule 2 & 3 Controlled Drugs

New Mandatory Requisition Form

The new mandatory requisition form requires Henry Schein Animal Health’s details to be filled in in Section A. We have done this for you – all you need to do is save this pre-populated version to your PC for ease of access - Mandatory Requisition Form pre-populated for HSAH customers

When you save the form you may get an error message as per below:


Pease just click on “Save a blank copy” and the pre-populated version should save ok.

NB: Unfortunately it is not possibe to save a completed form - saving the form before printing will erase all content. Either open the downloaded pre-populated form, complete and immediately print, or go to the online version, complete and immediately print.

Filling out the Mandatory Requisition Form

Here you will find an example of how the new mandatory requisition form needs to be filled in – example form

What you need to do:

Section A - Please complete this section with our details (we have pre-populated this for you).

Henry Schein Animal Health
College Mains Road
Enquiries – 01387 274700

MHRA/VMD Wholesale Dealers Licence WDA (H&V) – 27880
Home Office Licence Number – 103000

Section B - please insert the products required in the table.

  • To enable HSAH to quickly and accurately fulfil your order, please ensure you include the HSAH product code, and the HSAH product description

    Please insert under Other – “For use on animals under my care.”

    Again, we have pre-populated this for you.

    Section C - please complete this section showing your MRCVS number in the top box called “Individual Prescriber code” and insert your HSAH account code in the line below.

  • There is currently not quite enough space for some account numbers. In this case, enter as much of your account code as possible, then once printed, fill in the rest with ink.

    Once completed, the original hard copy must be printed, signed and sent to HSAH – either via your driver or via post to the HSAH address as above.

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  • For assistance with the changes to your Controlled Drugs Schedule 2 & 3 ordering please call 01387 274700