Guarantee Your Practice a Brighter Future

With fewer clients visiting their local practice, increasing competition from online and supermarket sales, and everyone becoming more price conscious these days, the future looks uncertain for a lot of vets.

Thank goodness for the new pet health plan from Henry Schein Animal Health offered in partnership with Practice Plan for Vets (PPV).

PPV are the leading provider of veterinary pet health plans in the UK, this enables you to set bespoke pet health plans, which as well as delivering regular preventative healthcare for you clients’ pets, also ensures a growing regular monthly income for your practice, protects your fee earning rate and encourages customer loyalty.

How exactly? Your client takes out a pet health plan that lets them budget monthly for the cost of preventative healthcare products and services – typically, six monthly health checks, annual vaccinations, and a year’s supply of worming and flea control. The plan is set up so that your client pays a monthly amount by convenient Direct Debit and an initial joining fee, which is taken with the first Direct Debit, to cover the cost of setting up a new account.

Key benefits

  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Affordable preventative health regime that mirrors your practice’s recommendations
  • Guaranteed income for your practice on a monthly basis
  • Enhanced practice identity

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